Cool Websites!

"Classic site this one is a blast just click the link to start your journey"

The Useless Web

"AI image maker its pretty cool put in some words watch it make it always funny looking and thats the best part"


"Animal Crossing music is always a jam. This plays it just like it plays in AC. That means it is based on the time you can sort by many games and set it to so it goes by the weather."

Animal Crossing Real Time Music.

"The Mushroom Kindom dot Net is a cool website full of Mario history and very obscure Mario things."

"It is fun to try to beat Sans Undertale It is a pretty good timekiller."


"Super Mario World Hacks has some really high quility stuff to play"

Super Mario World Hacks.

"LingoJam has a lot cool,funny and Niche translators"


"A great place full of people who want to preserve media.You can find cool things there its like a whole another section of the web"