Cool extensions!

"F**K OVERLAYS adds a context menu to delete sign-up/sign-in overlays that prevent you from viewing a page" -mark.muego

F**K OVERLAYS (chrome).

F**K OVERLAYS (firefox).

"Youtube Redux makes youtube look alot like how it did back in the day giving you many options on how to change the layout out and add things too make it feel more old"

YouTube Redux (chrome).

YouTube Redux (firefox).

"One of the most popular adblockers and for good reason it works very well"

ublock origin (chrome).

ublock origin (firefox).

"Quillbot is like Grammarly except it has a lot of free options for grammar mistakes like these ,.;: I have always preferred it because I am terrible at grammar."

Quillbot (chrome).

"Quillbot (firefox hasn't been updated in years and is very much broken)."

"terms of service didnt read is great because you almost never read the terms to websites so this will help you figure what they are."

terms of service didnt read (chrome).

terms of service didnt read (firefox).

"Wii shop theme with other nintendo shopping songs as an option are added to shopping sites like ebay or amazon."

Wii Shop Channel Music (chrome).

Wii Shop Channel Music (firefox).

"Why is this not a option in the youtube settings that dumb "do you want to keep watching?" thing is annoying and stops your video for no reason this fixes that."

youtube-nonstop (chrome).

youtube-nonstop (firefox).

"Cool thing that lets you put channels in folders that you can make for what you want to watch"

youtube subscription groups (chrome).

youtube subscription groups (firefox).