In the year of Our Lord 2015, a passionate developer finally releases their project that has been in development since 2013. This developer is a young man who goes by the title Toby "radiation" Fox, whose magnum opus Undertale is released,toby decided to take inspiration from RPGs he grew up with as a kid, such as EarthBound. Earthbound is a quirky RPG featuring strange and wacky locations, funky creatures, and a heartfelt story. Toby Fox, who had a history of making ROM hacks for the game, decided to take his prowess in game design and make Undertale. Undertale is a video game released in North America about choice. In the game Undertale, you are able to choose whether you want to spare or kill monsters. This gave this game a unique identity, as you had two main routes in the game. One route was the genocide route, which was a parody of the traditional RPG trope of killing every monster you see to level up. This in the game and industry is usually known as grinding; making you do this in this context makes you look like a heartless psychopath. Which was indeed what Toby Fox intended to parody. On the other hand, you had the pacifist route, in which you spared everyone and tried to help everyone out. Instead of making enemies, you tried to make as many friends as possible in a way to subvert the traditional RPG way of showing that the piece was possible even in the most dangerous of circumstances. Now that I've gotten it out of the way, let me tell you, this game blew up. The popularity of this game was seen all over the internet, from parodies, animations, cosplay, fan games, mods, webcomics, etc etc. Of course, one of the more growing pieces of fandom media was music videos based on games. These music videos were animations set to music about the video game itself that they had made. Now, one of the people we are going to talk about today whose entire long spill has been leading up to is lhugueny. He had been making animations based on video games for a while now, taking conventional songs and changing the lyrics to be based on the game that is parodying. He's been doing this with games such as Call of Duty or Five Nights at Freddy's, but on this fateful night of April 3, 2016, he decided to release his magnum opus, such as Toby Fox's magnum opus. He titled it "Story of Undertale." This wondrous song was a cover of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. This song covers the story of our androgynous protagonist and their thoughts of genocide. One day, they fall into a mountain, wake up, and see an evil talking flower in a pot. This flower then explains the plot to them. This wicked flower wants them dead. They are then rescued by Toriel, who then takes them to her home, giving them care and a new monster phone. She then leaves them alone, but then they escape and meet some bones. These bones are known as Sans and papyrus. Sans is seen bumping his head up and down as Papyrus thrusts his hips forward. He will repeat this dance. In a reference to the original game's idea of genocide or pacifism, they then question whether they want to will be pacifist or go genocide, just like in the original video game Undertale by Toby "radiation" Fox. And they ultimately decide that they want to kill them all. They then start singing about how much of a taste for genocide they have and how much they want to wipe out the entirety of the Monster Race. They have no patience, they have no resolve, and they will slaughter out screw the dialogue, which the show uses as a visual metaphor. They take a glass beer bottle from the restaurant chain that they are in, Grillby's, and smash it upon Papyrus's head. And then show them where they started in a sort of flashback scene, saying that they fell from the top of this mountain, deciding whether they should talk it out or should they murder, thinking about it again upon reiterating that they wish for nothing more than monster genocide, and then quote in the game's title in this line, “This is my undertale." They then say how they will slaughter the royal guard undyne. And they will pick who shall die. Then stayed in that with all this EXP they can never lose in reference to the idea of exp making the characters stronger, which applies through the original undertale and is what undertale was. From the RPGs that it is based upon. They then look at the viewer and tell them to watch them move as they deal with their glasses; a classic meme from the olden days of the internet followed upon them. This shows that they are epic and swag terms, which are important to the classic era of the internet. They've been bopping their head to the beat of the song. They then say that they will never stop this genocide because they are feeling rude. Rude is an emotion that human beings feel. I just wanted to clarify that. They then think about that goal of Asgore, King of the Monsters, and how he must be shaken by their approach, and how they will murder the previously mentioned characters Sans and Papyrus, and how they will specifically squash Papyrus is like a roach, which they refer to them as Sans's brother. That's how little they care about papyrus. The screen pulls back the show, and none of the humans behind them then say, "Chara, my coach." This unexplained character, known as Chara, is only shown at the end of the undertale in both endings. But specifically in the genocide route, fans believe that Chara is the one that somehow impacts the desire to murder in the game fan Theory it is. The androgynous human child that we were following is now in poaching gear. As they say the line “All these monsters, I will poach,” this is a metaphor comparing the idea of the monsters being wiped out by their genocide to the idea of poachers wiping out an entire animal species. It then shows Chara speaking to our main characters here, making them repeat the words they're saying that “They're feeling evil going to kill them all” and then cuts back to our protagonist in Alphy's lab from Undertale. In front of them are Alphys and Mettaton. They repeat the idea of their genocide and then another visual metaphor as they beat the living heck out of Mettaton. They then start speaking about the items in the game that are weapons that can be used to murder the inhabitants of this underground. They then compare this epic fight to front page news, but unlike the last time, it is used in a simile instead of a metaphor. The human then starts explaining what Asgore wants: he wants to collect the human souls so the monsters can and go free from the underground; he needs seven of them. And then cuts to Asgore and a few of the monsters saying the line humans overwhelm as a reference to what Asgore wants to do when they get out of the Underground. The human then is shown in front of Monster Kid, an important character from the plot of undertale as they repeat that they are homicidal, and they got a taste and want to wipe out the Monster Race. They then kicked monster kid off of this bridge that they are on from waterfall, an area from Undertale. Monster Kid then falls down, making the Wilhelm scream, a famous scream used in various pieces of media dating back from sometime before the 1960s. And then cuts are to our androgynous protagonist at the top of a mountain underground in waterfall, holding undyne's spear and repeating that they have no patience they have no resolve that they will slaughter and do not care about the dialogue of this video game by hit game developer Toby "radiation" Fox. The video and then ends cut into an end screen about the other various work that we can watch wondrous video. Now let's talk about the cultural impact of this video. It became one of the most infamous videos on the channel, with over 19 million views coming out during the peak time of Undertale's popularity. This video was heavily scrutinized and memed about because of the weird Auto-Tune and the fact that the animation of this video looks like a Family Guy related product. This video was so infamous that it spawned its own mini fandom of people who joked, made edits, and made memes about the video itself. It became a classic of Internet culture and will be remembered in the hearts of millions of people for years to come.